Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Silliness of the Stupid Smart Phone

Smart phones are now all too popular in America and around the globe. These phones have some great applications (apps) for sure, but this blog is about a silly application that takes to a ridiculous level.

There is now an application that would convert your text message to voice so the recipient could hear it rather than read it. Hello, have people forgotten that they can speak and leave voice messages to others over the phone. What is the need for this text to voice conversion nonsense?

Have we created a generation of teenagers who do not know how to talk over the phone and do all their talking using their fingers?

October 12, 2011

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Friday, September 30, 2011

Consumer Complaint: Mid-Priced Hotel at a Major City

Consumer Complaint: Mid-Priced Hotel at a Major City

Arthur Robertson

I was staying at this mid-priced hotel in a major southern city. I asked the front desk to give me a wakeup call at 6:30 AM. Sure enough I got a call in the morning. Still in bed, I look at the bedside clock. It shows 6:20 AM. May be the clock is wrong. I get up; look at my wristwatch on the table. It shows 6:21 AM.

I call the front desk and ask, "What time is it?" He answers, "6:21 AM, Sir".

"I asked for a 6:30 AM wakeup call and I got it couple of minutes ago."

"We call 10 minutes earlier as a courtesy!"

I did not want to argue with him first thing in the morning. "Thank you," and I hang up the phone.

I was thinking to myself, "I am no kid. If I want to wakeup at 6:20, I would have asked for a 6:20 call. Who is this hotel to play big brother with me? At least tell me that I would receive the call 10 minutes earlier when I asked for the wakeup call. Then I would have asked for a 6:40 AM call."

Do what I ask. If I order steak for room service, don't send me broccoli and beans saying they are good for me. If I ask for a 6:30 wakeup call, don't call me at 6:20 saying I may be late for the meeting. I know what I want.

September 30, 2011

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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Social Security Disability Lawyers

Social Security Disability Lawyers

Arthur Robertson

I was watching television late at night and a commercial comes on. There was
this middle-aged attorney wearing a cowboy hat. He says something like,
"Are you applying for social security disability? Let me help you. We will
put together all the documents. We will file the claim. We will appeal the claim
if necessary. We are social security disability lawyers. Call our law firm
now." A phone number appears on screen and stays on. Then the cowboy
attorney adds, "Even people who had their claims denied got their benefits
after they hired us."

It got me thinking. So an eligible person applied for social security
disability. Some, may be overworked, bureaucrat at the social security office
denies the claim. The disabled person hires a social security disability
attorney and the same people who denied the claim initially approve it on the
second round. What changed? Fundamental facts of the case did not change. The
claimant did not become more disabled. Only thing that happened was that a
social security disability layer showed up in the picture.

Yes. Now the disabled person gets disability payments. The social security lawyer gets his/her fee
rightfully earned. But someone got burned. Someone got the short end of the stick. Who? The disabled person was left paying for the attorney, for no fault of his/her. Who, then, should pay for the lawyer? The lawyer did perform a service and did do what he/she promised. Who should pay the lawyer?

I think that the government should pay the social security disability attorney who successfully won the claim. After all, it is the government's mistake of denying the claim that necessitated the hiring of the lawyer. It should pay for its mistake, not the claimant who did nothing wrong.

That's what I think. I am just an ordinary Joe. What do I know?

August 8, 2011
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